Tags: gordijn infiniti q30, cap infiniti qx80, bluetooth soundcore, 1zpresso, 2006 infiniti fx35 stoelhoezen, fx35, kit infiniti m37, togo, g37, puller m37.

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  • Merknaam: Ynooh
  • Speciale Functies: Basic-Functie
  • Mfg Serie Nummer: Aanpassen
  • Set Stuk: >10
  • Item Gewicht: 5kg
  • Materiaal Type: Echt Leer
  • Van Toepassing Seizoen: Vier Seizoenen
  • Item Lengte: 30cm
  • Item Hoogte: 30cm
  • Item Type: Stoelhoezen En Ondersteunt
  • Item Breedte: 30cm

The order was issued on November 11, was divided by the seller into 4 parts. Totally all parts were delivered on December 19. The color coincided all parts, in the back seat is not a cape, but a full cover. In the kit there is even a cover on the armrest. The material at first glance is quality, sewn neatly, the Velcro fasteners are closed with a fabric from wear to the moment of installation. Before sending, the seller requested a photo of the car's interior, everything answers quickly. After installation, I will add a review.

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