Tags: brushless motor, esc set, bouwen van metalen, 2216 brushless motor, ondersteuning borstelloze, esc motor sunnysky, borstelloze elektromotor, motor sunnysky x2820, motor sunnysky 2204, 4074 motor.

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SUNNYSKY Engel 2216-1250KV Borstelloze Motor/3mm 245w passen 1047 1147 9047 1145 prop


1 x motor

1 x prop adapter

1 x cross-type motor mount

  • Materiaal: Composiet Materiaal
  • Gebruik: Voertuigen En Speelgoed Met Afstandsbediening
  • Merknaam: RCMOY

Kxras Mech
I never received, the seller waited to the maximum to send and maybe made wrong shipping because within a few days dee transit put which made mistake at the sorting center and was returned to the seller. I made a dispute and AliExpress made me return the money. The seller has never replied to any messages.
I've got nothing yet

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